Pepa Prieto Puy

Pepa Prieto Puy

Too sweet for words! 

We're going to try to describe our extreme love for Pepa Prieto Puy. Pastel hues, attention to detail, all the baked goods, comedic subject matter, illustration style—sigh. We're so in love! Originally from Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Pepa is an amazing comic illustrator. Her nomadic spirit has her moving quite frequently, but she currently resides in Ourense, Spain. Each illustration is born from very literal influences and daily situations in her life. This page could go on forever, but we've put together some of our favorite work from this glorious human. This talented artist imbues every cartoon panel with real emotion and laughable scenarios.

Below is her abstract comic, illustrating a entire relationship in the vacuum of a bottle! Fair warning: scrolling through this piece will make your heart melt.

Pepa's love for drawing began when she was a child. Get to know her through her own illustrations. Below is a series of questions Pepa has answered through these intimate and tender drawings (originally Published by Coven Berlin | Feminist Conqueerors, 31 October 2017).

Pepa's process includes traditional drawing on paper, and then digitally coloring each piece. Her tools include paper, pencils, an eraser, and calibrated markers.


She affectionately thinks on her good fortune in publishing, like a pair of short comics that she created with Fosfatina and RV Papers. The comic was about a tapeworm named Jessenia la Teniabased, based on the song “Tengo un pasajero” ("I Have a Passenger") by the Spanish rock band Paralisis Permanente, published by Tiktok comics. You can check it out here


Although she admits that her days have recently been a little boring and low key, Pepa is incredibly excited/worried/focused on her next comic, which will be published by Foster Ediciones. Her nights are spent surfing the internet and drawing panel after panel of comics. In addition, she recently moved into her own home and is living with tons of plant-filled shelves.


In response to the supernatural . . .

Ghosts? "Yes! I have a lot of them."

Aliens? "Maybe . . ."

Bigfoot? "Haha! It's possible too."


Pepa Prieto Puy is working on a comic detailing her experience with metaphorical assholes, which will come out in 2018. 

Even though it's often uttered, Pepa knows how hard it can be. Her mantra:

"Believe in yourself."


This wonderful lady is trying to put together an online store for her comics. We look forward to this day! And will keep following her on Instagram for this update.

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