Gaelle Malenfant

Gaelle Malenfant

We found our next tattoo inspiration in Gaelle Malenfant! This pure chameleon of art experiments in a variety of styles, taking inspiration from the forests and nature of her childhood. Malenfant spent her youth in the small villages outside of Paris and now lives in Strasbourg, where she is studying illustration and bringing her work to life through the power of pencil and acrylic.


Some Malenfant mantras: 

"Be good and do good around you. Somehow the goodness you gave will come back to you one day."


Another Mantra:

"Do it; maybe remorse tomorrow, but never regret!"

Malenfant celebrates her many influences. Everything from Goosebumps to Tim Burton and her father's "old, weird comic magazines" seeps into her work. With her French roots, Malenfant takes joy in the work of van Gogh and Klimt. Most recently, she has been intrigued by Japanese independent pop culture and illustration.


Do you believe in ghosts? 

"Well, if I say no it wouldn't be right. I'm ashamed to say it, but I'm scared of the darkness so I sleep with my window opened, so I can see the street lights. So, yes, I believe there is some mystery around us that we can't explain—maybe not ghosts, but something that sometimes give me goosebumps. But I love ghost stories! So intense!"


Malenfant is a morning person and wakes up early to practice sports and have a little nonsense time on her computer or phone, looking up videos. Her curiosity leads her to spy on her neighbors through the window. The remainder of her days is spent working on her artwork. while listening to music or watching TV series. "Yes, I do both on the same screen on my computer. Yes, it's possible," she says.


Do you believe in aliens? 

"What I would say is that I believe there is some kind of life somewhere, because we're just a little, little, little part of the universe, which we didn't explore until now."

Malenfant cannot work past 9:00 p.m. In the dark hours, she eats and eats and eats and sleeps a lot. She is often led to bed with her computer, watching stupid stuff, "like a real modern princess." 

"I was thinking just now that my daily life was kind of similar to one of a cat with a human conscience . . . Okay, that's creepy."

Malenfant keeps her Instagram for personal fun, and "shiety" photos. But you should check out her Tumblr immediately!

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