Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad

A Girl Night In at the Catacombs

A maker of things, drawings, beautiful ladies and a truly amazing zine collection - 

Kaye Blegvad! You are so genuine and intelligent. Your drawings range from hilarious to heartbreaking, and we're wholly obsessed (and jealous). Originally from London, this talented illustrator has brought her ladies to a myriad of forms. Having drawn for the New York Times, Penguin Random House, and much more, we can see how narrative and individualistic her style is. 

Above is Blegvad's series of drawings entitled "Tit Picking." 

In addition to her illustrating and jewelry design, Blegvad started the small pornographic zine press Horizontal Press. Based in Brooklyn, NY, these little booklets print in the traditional Tijuana bible form. Their philosophy is as follows: "Tongues firmly in cheeks, it is our pleasure to publish rousing material for the discerning horndog. Specializing in the handmade, esoteric, exotic & erotic. We live to perv. " 


This third-generation artist started when she was 5 years old, drawing tiny books that were mostly about cats, girls, and death. 

On being a female artist, via METAL magazine:

"I find it frustrating that if you're female, whatever your work, people are going to ask how it relates to your female-ness. Every woman artist everywhere is always being talked about in the context of being a woman, whereas male artists are just talked about in the context of their work. That imbalance gets exhausting . . . I don't mean to deny that being female influences my work. I think there's a lot of darkness, a lot of struggle, a lot pressure and weird shit that goes on with being a girl."


Taking Off a Couple Layers


"I don't ever want to draw blandly happy, sexy women. I want to draw tough women, sad women, violent women, righteously joyful women. "

Ghost Costume

Good Lovers Lie




Blegvad prefers her simplified style, stating that she doesn't have time for realism. Quick and simple and blunt are important to getting her ideas out. 


Getting to Know One Another

Fully functional. Here's a sample of Blegvad's bobbles, which can be purchased at her shop

And if her style doesn't speak to you, hopefully her message will. Below are two pieces drawn for the New York Times. 

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