Jeannie Phan

Jeannie Phan

Rough day?

Jeannie Phan to the rescue!

Jeannie Phan is an art director's dream. Phan is an illustrator at the top of her game, working with some of the finest publications in the land. In her capable hands—complex, wonky, and sensitive material magically morphs into a modern and evocative image. In an era where journalism has never mattered more, we need artists like Phan to keep readers on the ready. Browsing through her portfolio forces you to reckon with pressing conversations on death, gender, sickness, work, and diversity. 

Choose Your Own Ending 
Created for a story about why there are so many books about death.

Missing Women in Film Criticism 
Created for a story on the effect of film criticism's dominence of white male voices.

Embracing the Dark Side

Created for NPR's Code Switch column on a piece by Jeff Yang calling for more diversity in science-fiction and comics.

The Tragedy of Anorexia 
Created for a story about a doctor grappling with an old patient's eating disorder.

Talk about nuance—in the illustration above Jeannie helps the reader explore how meditation is a reliable tool for anxiety in Precedent Magazine. In the illustration below, she tackles the tropes of mindfulness in the workplace for the New Republic. 

In Praise of Meaningless Work 
Created for a story on how mindfulness mantras are the latest tool of corporate control.

We'll take Jeannie Phan in bits and bursts, sure. But nothing compares to her personal work. Below you'll find an excerpt of her zine, SWIM. Available for purchase here

And don't even get us started on her cat gifs.

Jeannie Phan, how do you do it?!


Follow Jeannie wherever she goes. Her blog is a delight. Her instagram is a treasure.


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