Sophia Foster-Dimino

Sophia Foster-Dimino

Sophia Foster-Dimino is an illustrator & cartoonist living and working in San Francisco where she enjoys cooking, reading, and riding her bicycle. 

Sophia used to work at google, illustrating the 6 infamous primary colored serif letters we all know an love into something with a bit more heart.

Now she works for our hearts (and publishers across the country) as a freelancer, and pumps out the personal work like few other illustrators can. 

above: "Sitting Still" For the New York Times

The girl is funny. 

The girl is deep.

The girl is our favorite kind of artist, capturing a collection of seemingly flip, small moments we recognize instantly and want to burn into our memories forever. 

Below: "Nip Slip"

Unbearably good.

She really must be busy, but we won't go away.

Instead, we vow to read her comics from cover to cover. 
Above, find "Sphincter" a 49 page comic about intimacy.

We heart Sophia.

Now go find her comics. And then find her on instagram.


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