Harriet Lee Merrion

Harriet Lee Merrion

Harriet Lee Merrion's pastels will woo you into submission. Her delicate line work will leave you dumbstruck.


But don't worry, Harriet's subject matter will jolt you awake and send you scurrying to make art of your own.

Lose yourself, find yourself

Subtle twists on mermaids, masks, and the figure are filled with a wry wit and a sharp intelligence.


Mask Lady


Harriet is inspired by botanical engravings, surrealism, and Japanese woodblock prints.


Being in love eases the pain

What inspires us? Harriet.




Unwind Your Mind



EU Referendum


Illustrations for The British Library: 20th Century Literature

Click the links—you won't be disappointed.





A series of narrative portraits inspired the lives of three iconic female artists: Billie Holiday, Frida Kahlo, and Virginia Woolf. 

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