We love bold women and we love bold art. Brianna Parrish's designs and illustrations combine the best of both. This Ohio-based artist is our new go-to for art that, as she says, you can't bring home to mom. Whether she's drawing sexy women or strange creatures (or strange, sexy creature-women), we're eating it all up.

The lovely ladies who started it all (from left to right): Twiggy, some random model, and Georgia Jagger.


PD: What was your frame of mind while working on these pieces? Can you summarize what they are about?

BP: When initially beginning these pieces, I was in the process of re-branding myself. I began creating a new logo, website, and of course, new work. Creating a new brand meant also creating a new consistent style, and with it came my lovely ladies. I wanted to produce three pieces that emphasized bright pops of color along with fun vignetted portraits (pictured above).


These women's faces look like their pets'. Our faces look like the heart-eyes emoji.


PD: How does your mood affect your work? Do you find it skewing one way or another from time to time?

BP: My mood greatly affects my work, both negatively and positively. As an artist dealing with an anxiety disorder, I oftentimes find myself shutting down and losing interest in my work, which can be frustrating, but my undying love for my work pushes me to keep going and can end up helping me in producing some of my best pieces to date. 


PD: In three sentences, describe your best ghost story:

BP: During the holidays a few years back, my parents and I were wrapping gifts when a deceased relative came into conversation regarding how much she enjoyed the holidays. My stepmother proceeded to jokingly ask if she was with us helping wrap the presents when in the next instance, the bows on the wrapping table along with plastic bags began to move significantly with no sign of a draft or open window. This occurrence happened twice and it was a heartwarming sign to us that those that have left us may still be around to enjoy the holidays with the family they loved!


Catty designs for Look Human.


PD: What movie do you watch when you're feeling uninspired?

BP: My go-to movie when I'm having trouble finding inspiration varies between two completely different movies, actually: Moulin Rouge and Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects. Both movies inspire me in different ways and the work I'm creating at the time definitely dictates the movies I watch.


Keep it real.

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Leslie Guillochon

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