Paul Blow

Paul Blow

Even divorced of their original text, Paul Blow's illustrations are bursting with stories and ideas. Maybe that's because each one is a bit off. Just a little weird. 
They keep you staring.


Paul is simply one of the best visual storytellers around. We are wowed by the his ability to pack a punch of meaning into a single frame.


Ah! Love.


Slightly odd. So, so good.


One of our favorite sets of Blow illos, are from a commission by The Folio Society for a spy thriller by Eric Ambler, set in southern France...

Here is the book's teaser: "In this masterly 1938 thriller, a hapless teacher is plunged into a perilous yet believable mission."

Kinda makes you want to chase a spy, no?


Yep. We like Paul. Lots. 


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Natalie Foss

Natalie Foss