Marina Esmeraldo

Raised in Brazil, Marina Esmeraldo now splits her time between Barcelona and London, but no matter where she draws, her radical lines, shapes, and colors mash together to create something loud, feminist, and new.

Guillaume Kurkdjian

Can we commission Guillaume Kurkdjian to design our next pillow fort? Or how about a treehouse? Watch as each of these wacky and colorful environments come to life. Kurkdjian's splendid animation skills are inspired by the sights and cities that he sees while riding around Paris on the train. With magical gardens, and space ships, and curious neighbors we hope to somehow inhabit a world of Kurdjian's creation. 

Nathan O. Marsh

Clapping in movie theaters has never been more appropriate. If your next film experience includes artwork from Pittsburgh's Nathan O. Marsh, then get ready to applaud! Marsh's diverse body of work can be seen in films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015).

Ana Galvañ

This magical Madrid-based artist/illustrator/comic swirls together her love for horror, science fiction, and action-genre literature and films. Her work reflects and layers together these many obsessions.

Spaghetti Toes

Spaghetti Toes (a.k.a. Marty Bruckner) is inspired by the silly words of his young daughter. The wise one-liners of a two-year-old girl have been brought to life through Spaghetti Toes' drawings. Each silly nugget of knowledge has been preserved through his artwork. Since the beginning of this collection, Spaghetti Toes has been able to illustrate for people all over the world, taking their children's knowledge and adding to the encyclopedia of sayings. Spend some time with the monsters, princesses, superheroes, and super silliness that is Spaghetti Toes. 

Dominic Beyeler

Dominic Beyeler's prolific style can be seen in his daily sketches. Balancing bold colors and swift lines, Beyeler captures a fierce vulnerability within every face. Residing in Switzerland, Beyeler remembers the first time he earned money for his artwork, which secured his interest in being a professional artist: the splatter, the ink, our hearts. 

C. M. Kosemen

Originally from Turkey, Kosemen is a creative and inventive explorer. This talented artist blends elements of evolution, mythology, biology, natural history, and the EXTRAORDINARY. Kosemen's work is not only beautiful, but informative. Each drawing is a true interpretation of what the creatures may have looked like, where they lived, and how big they were. 

Joan Casaramona Gual

Dig under your mattress, the back of the closet, from the depths of your desk. Gather up all your doodle notebooks and get ready to drool over the ink stained pages of Joan Casaramona Gual. This Barcelona based artist fills pages and pages with his round faced ladies and the many other characters that inhabit his brain.

Holly Lucero

Holly Lucero knows the world is full of monsters, so she doesn't shy away from the beastly. Her illustrations encapsulate a landscape all their own, quite literally. A little gross, but oh so good.

Shawna Gilmore

The following paintings are drawn from the deep winter-forged well of Shawna Gilmore's overactive imagination. Her eclectic folk-style brings together her love for vintage photography, nature, mysticism, metaphors, fairytales, science, and humor. Steal away to the dream-scapes and mystical forests. These lovely forms of escapism make us reach for a telescope, a sword, and a bouquet of flowers. 

Larissa de Jesus

Originally from Puerto Rico, Larissa de Jesus is currently a student at Hunter College. Her work blends elements of photography and painting. Larissa loves images that bathe the human form in color and light. 


The illustrator Daniela Tieni works and lives in Rome, but she pulls from otherworldly inspiration. Through her imagination, women's bodies morph and fold and twist into something new.

Daniel Stolle

Meet Daniel Stolle! This German born, Finland residing artist holds on to the possibility that aliens might exist. Dreaming in bold yellows, Stolle begins his work as simple pencil and paper sketches that culminate in bold digital pieces. 

Eero Lampinen

Eero Lampinen is a Helsinki-based illustrator who works with ink, brushes, watercolor and a dreamy digital color palette. His characters seem to inhabit an alternate reality. Let's dive into that reality head-first, shall we?

David McMillan

David McMillan is a Belfast-based artist who has left his mark within the city through his mural work. You can find his bold colors and uniquly identifiable figures throughout the city. And if you can't swing the ticket to Ireland, check out more of his artwork here!

Isabelle Feliu

We see the best versions of our outfitted selves in the work of the illustrator Isabelle Feliu. She draws women in clothes that feel alive, real, and playful.

Jaime Jacob

Netherlands based illustrator, Jaime Jacob builds her work layer by layer. Many of pieces pay homage to her love of movies. Starting with black ink, then scanning in and adding color digitally, Jacob draws inspiration from vintage travel posters and childhood book covers. Each piece holds a story-like quality. With creatures and creepers, witches, and plants weaving their way through her work.