Alexis Jang

When your first-grade teacher draws Sailor Moon characters to celebrate your good work, you understand how special art can be at an early age. Alexis Jang's teacher inspired her to draw her own characters. 

Jacob Yeates

Jacob Yeates is a Minneapolis based artist, hellbent on pushing himself to learn and to empathize. Each piece is a rough and stark hallucination, born of graphite and conte. His work is balancing act of pulp, gross cynicism, ugly drawings, and humorous elements. 

Laura Berger

Laura Berger animates, illustrates, sculpts, and breathes life into her artwork. This Chicago-based artist spends her days drawing numerous women in a variety of bold and natural environments. Originally from Wisconsin, Berger's inspiration comes from rituals, symbols, nature, dreams, and travel.

Pepa Prieto Puy

Pastel hues, attention to detail, all the baked goods, comedic subject matter, illustration style—sigh. We're so in love! Originally from Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Pepa Prieto Puy is an amazing comic illustrator. Her nomadic spirit has her moving quite frequently, but she currently resides in Ourense, Spain. Each illustration is born from very literal influences and daily situations in her life. This page could go on forever, but we've put together some of our favorite work from this glorious human.

Laurent Moreau

Whether it's his stellar drumming in the band SLAAP, or the creative inventiveness of his illustrations, Laurent Moreau gets our heart beat racing. This France-based drummer is also a prolific illustrator. Moreau draws and draws and draws and draws, and we couldn't be more grateful! With a mixture of pencils, sketchbooks, brushes, and paint, Moreau fills his Tumblr with the endless etchings of a curious mind.

Whitney Humphreys

Whitney Humphreys is a glowing and miraculous seaside mermaid. This California native works in many mediums, including oil paint, charcoal, sculpted fabric, but she primarily calls herself a printmaker. Her favorite print mediums include woodcuts, screenprints, and lithographs. She tends to bury herself in her projects, but she loves working toward goals, surrounded by a swirl of art, coffee, and friends!

Hector Barajas

Barajas grew up in the Sonoran desert of Tuscon, Arizona. His budding art career depicts equally soft and strong images of the cultural conflicts surrounding sexuality. As a member of the gay community, Barajas is interested in blending elements of classical painting with the faces of pornographic actors, as well as his own face and the faces of his own romantic situations and relationships. These tender portrayals explore the conflicting spheres of religion, social expectations, and politics that surround sexual identity. 

Christopher Williams

California native Christopher Williams is currently earning his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, a promise he made to his father, who passed away two years ago. His overwhelming sense of chromatics and culture have become the foundation to his painting practice. With a combination of oils, watercolor, and graphite, Williams creates bold portraits in which each of the subjects is emboldened with a fierce strength. 

Cindy Suen

Cindy Suen is an illustrator, animator, and GIF magician. Originally from Hong Kong, Suen now resides in New York. She spends her days creating fantastic GIFs that incorporate her love of cats, technology, color, and food. One of Suen's first animations was her own logo! While she changes her mind on the details, this personal creative endeavor reflects her zany, colorful process.

Cristina Daura

Cristina Daura is a pearl. She finds inspiration in her favorite comics and challenges herself by sticking to specific color palettes. Her twisted narratives, such as taking LSD or riding one's nanny like a horse, create charmingly unique comics specific to her boundless imagination.

Violeta Venganza

Mexico's own Violeta Venganza began drawing at three years old, or at least that's what her mother told her. These strikingly feminine images burst forth from Venganza's love of fashion, the '70s, and everyday situations. Venganza now spends her days in a balancing act. She works illustrating, drawing, and sewing clothes, while also eating, drinking, and watching movies. 

Camille Chew

Camille Chew enjoys elements of mythology, the occult, fantasy, and fashion. Chew's boldly blend the ancients with a bold street style for each of her characters. Sheexperiments with mixed media, printing, and illustration. Fashionably dressed witches and glowing elements of the occult—this Alfred University grad is making a name for herself. With distinct color palettes and the use of patterns, each of Chew's pieces are so striking and detailed.

Marina Esmeraldo

Raised in Brazil, Marina Esmeraldo now splits her time between Barcelona and London, but no matter where she draws, her radical lines, shapes, and colors mash together to create something loud, feminist, and new.

Guillaume Kurkdjian

Can we commission Guillaume Kurkdjian to design our next pillow fort? Or how about a treehouse? Watch as each of these wacky and colorful environments come to life. Kurkdjian's splendid animation skills are inspired by the sights and cities that he sees while riding around Paris on the train. With magical gardens, and space ships, and curious neighbors we hope to somehow inhabit a world of Kurdjian's creation. 

Nathan O. Marsh

Clapping in movie theaters has never been more appropriate. If your next film experience includes artwork from Pittsburgh's Nathan O. Marsh, then get ready to applaud! Marsh's diverse body of work can be seen in films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015).

Ana Galvañ

This magical Madrid-based artist/illustrator/comic swirls together her love for horror, science fiction, and action-genre literature and films. Her work reflects and layers together these many obsessions.

Spaghetti Toes

Spaghetti Toes (a.k.a. Marty Bruckner) is inspired by the silly words of his young daughter. The wise one-liners of a two-year-old girl have been brought to life through Spaghetti Toes' drawings. Each silly nugget of knowledge has been preserved through his artwork. Since the beginning of this collection, Spaghetti Toes has been able to illustrate for people all over the world, taking their children's knowledge and adding to the encyclopedia of sayings. Spend some time with the monsters, princesses, superheroes, and super silliness that is Spaghetti Toes. 

Dominic Beyeler

Dominic Beyeler's prolific style can be seen in his daily sketches. Balancing bold colors and swift lines, Beyeler captures a fierce vulnerability within every face. Residing in Switzerland, Beyeler remembers the first time he earned money for his artwork, which secured his interest in being a professional artist: the splatter, the ink, our hearts.