Nina Chanel Abney

Nina Chanel Abney's work is important. Gulp down that coffee. Sit your butt still, and take it all in. Her intricate and powerful paintings hold stories of who we are and how we live. Into her bold and playful colors and shapes, Abney paints portraits of race, gender, sexuality, the media, and injustice.

Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad's drawings range from hilarious to heartbreaking, and we're wholly obsessed (and jealous). Originally from London, this talented illustrator has brought her ladies to a myriad of forms. Having drawn for the New York Times, Penguin Random House, and much more, we can see how narrative and individualistic her style is. 

Rafael Varona

American politics are in a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrrrrible state. It is winter. Life is hard. Sure you could sit in a pit of deep, deep despair, but let's take a cue from musicals, shall we? Why not. La La Land has just swept the Golden Globes. Let's all pretend we have the energy to go on. Let's lose ourself in the silly, daydreamy, technically brilliant wonderland of  the Berlin-and Amsterdam-based illustrator and animator Rafael Varona.

Martín Elfman

Martín Elfman is a spanish-argentinian illustrator and traveller. He has lived in Israel, Barcelona, Lisbon, Venice and Naples. There's just something about simple lines and anything-but-simple ideas that Martín does oh so well. Clean and complex.

Sarah Evenson

Sarah Evenson's anthropology-like instincts have caught our eye. Each illustration explores a facet of the inbetween, blending notions of pseudo-science and an irreverence toward tradition.

Shane Beam

Prepare yourself to enter the zany world of the incredibly talented Shane Beam. Originally from Fairfax, Virginia, this young illustrator is currently a full time animation student at DePaul University's School of Cinematic Arts in Chicago. Wielding his tablet like a sword, Beam's animations cut through his, "unexpected senses of crippling anxiety and self bring about unexpected moments of connectedness."

Alina Vergnano

Become entwined within the spindly fingers of Alina Vergnano's women. This Nordic based artist draws from the stark and minimalist beauty of her surroundings. Enjoy as she journeys through numerous mediums with her bold and unique style. 

Niky Motekallem

Niky Motekallem is an Iranian-American illustrator from Dayton, Ohio. After moving to Minnesota to study in MCAD's MFA program, Niky became increasingly homesick. To meet her longings for home, Niky's sketchbooks conjured the mundane to the macabre: cornfields, coffins, construction sites, spiders and shopping malls alike.

Gunvor Nervold Antonsen

Gunvor Nervold Antonsen lives and works in Rollag and Oslo, Norway. The 42-year-old artist weaves together fabric, clay, plaster, wood, paint, pencil, and found objects into sprawling installations that swallow the viewer whole. The artwork spills out from its container (even when viewed from a computer screen), as if it were plucked straight from the artist's hands and inserted directly into the viewer's imagination—where it lives on and on. 

Harriet Lee Merrion

Harriet Lee Merrion's pastels will woo you into submission. Her delicate line work will leave you dumbstruck. But Harriet's subject matter will jolt you awake and send you scurrying to make art of your own.

Courtney Mattison

Courtney Mattison is an artist and ocean advocate working to inspire policy makers and the public to conserve our changing seas. Our Changing Seas III is the third in Courtney's series of large-scale ceramic coral reef installations. Arthur Evans documented her important work beautifully, so sit back, lose yourself, and let's all swim in the sea of Courtney's creations together.

Sophia Foster-Dimino

Sophia Foster-Dimino is an illustrator & cartoonist living and working in San Francisco. She used to work at google. Now she works for our hearts (and publishers across the country). The girl is funny. The girl is deep. The girl is our favorite kind of artist, capturing a collection of seemingly flip, small moments we recognize instantly and want to burn into our memories forever. 

Jazzmyn Coker

The Texas-based illustrator Jazzmyn Coker is one of the finest emerging artists around. Today we have a round up of portraits from her sketchbooks. The powerful women she conjures with her energetic line-work will fill you up and get you through your day.  

Greta Kotz

Line, line, line, line, line. We adore the linework of Greta Kotz. Her ecosystems of emotion are slowly built—stroke after stroke, after stroke of pastel, gouache, and acrylic. Each stroke weaves a net of story.

Elke Foltz

Elke Foltz is a french illustrator with a german name. Lose yourself in the swirl of her ever-detailed work. Watch as she sews together beauty, darkness, and dysfunction.

Ayumi Takahashi

Ayumi Takahashi creates stunning portraiture with eye-popping colors and clean lines. Born in China, raised in Japan, and educated in the United States, she currently resides in Portland where she works with painting, drawing, digital, printmaking, textile and graphic design.

Rosemary Valero-O'Connell

Rosemary currently resides in Minneapolis, MN. She spent most of her childhood in Zaragoza, Spain. As a nervous child, her father would often tell her, "A por ellos, que son pocos y cobardes," which loosely translates to, "Go get 'em, for they are few and they are all cowards."